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- AwazelTec Co.    

Yemen Business gave us the ability to expand as well as increase
the size of our business.

Mr. Ali Ali Hadi - Head Manager

AwazelTec - Importers of insulation products and water emissions
Sana'a - Yemen - Tel: +967 1 254 133

- Wa E'etasemo Corporation for Social Responsibility    

I really thank you for this perfect work,
I noticed and touched your abilities and creative minds.

Mr. Ali Al-Zahrani - General Manager

Wa E'etasemo Corporation for Social Responsibility
Jeddah - KSA


What I have seen in dealing of performing arts, the creator of Yemen Business is a pride
for every Arabic and Muslim, as they have a one of the best team I've ever dealt with
they have ratified the deal.
I advise every one to deal with the privileged elite, and I thank a thousand of times
the person who guided me to Yemen Business

Yahya Ali Al-Neghify - Business man - KSA

- Al-Hadha Est. for Trading and Agencies    

We are so happy of dealing with Yemen Business.. and we thank them
for their good services and the special efforts through the website.
Yemen Business is a good example of offering the service the company needs.
We wish them of more success and progress

Tr. Abduallah Ahmed Al-Hadha - General Manager
Al-Hadha Est for Trading and Agencies
Sana'a - Tel: +967 -1- 241 890


- ETSI Tourism Co.    


Yemen Business provides the best services in website desining and hosting
in addition to their kindness in dealing with their customers.

Abduallah Al-Hamed - United Arab Emirates - Business man - ETSI Tourism Company


- Al-Saghir Son's Group of Companies    

You were at the level of responsibility and Yemen Business is one of the best sites that highlight
the Yemeni market services

Mr. Fathi Abdo Al-Rahman Al-Saghir
Al-Saghir Son's group of companies - Importing Electronics and Electrical

Sana'a - Tel: 264296

- Raidan Medical    

Thank you Yemen Business for your excellent and great jobs you do because
of speed in gathering our requirements and I want to thank you for your elegant
dealing with the customers

Walid Doghaish - General Manager

- Al-Arabia for Cars    

Thank you Yemen Business.. We really appreciate your collaboration with us
and we hope to continue with that.. with our best regards and wishes
for your company with more and more success and progress.

Sameer Al-Bikary - General Manager - Al-Arabia for Cars


- Hussain Al-Hababi and his Brother Est.    

We deal with many companies for designing website,
but we found a huge difference between those companies and Yemen Business.
Yemen Business is one of the leader companies in website designing and hosting,
and we really appreciate their dealing with us and the speed
and accuracy in accomplishing our website.

Ali Al-Hababi - Commercial Manager


Yemen Business is considered the main economics and investments gate for Yemen

Mr. Dr. Abdo Al-Aziz Al-Terb
Regional President of the European Society of Marketing and Development Branch of Arabic country


- Yemeni Engineer Center    

I advice all the dealers and companies to subscribe in Yemen Business to get the benefits
they need to success

Mr. Abdo Al-Salam Al-Noaimi - Commercial Manager
Yemeni Engineer Center - Programs and Communications Solutions
Sana'a - Tel: 217843

- Al-Ttatr Trading & Industry Est.    

We always advice the friends to subscribe in Yemen Business either locally or globally

Mr. Abod Al-Monaem Attatar - General Manager
Attatar Trading & Industry Est. - Health Tools Manufacturers

Sana'a - Tel: 225930

- Al-Adimi for Construction and Trade and Oil Services    

I advice all the dealers who wants to grow his trading to subscribe in Yemen Business

Mr. Mazin Abdo Al-Jabar Al-Adimi - Commercial Manager
Aladimi for Construction and Trade and Oil Services

Sana'a - Tel: 208020

- Unimax Trading Co.    

Yemen Business is giving a high quality services and credibility

Mr. Fathi Abdo Al-Rahman Al-Saghir - General Manager
Unimax Trading Co. - Importing and General Trading

Sana'a - Tel: 494689

- Al-Moheet for Travel & Tourism    

Yemeni institutions urgently need a method to make them known and the best method is Yemen Business

Mr. Ghasan Monabeh Amer - General Manager
Al-Moheet for Travel & Tourism - Travel & Tourism & Charge

Sana'a - Tel: 471666

- Atheel Medical Institution    

We consider our subscription in Yemen Business one of the main factors fro growing
our company and our service

Mr. Hesham Abdo Al-Malik Doghish - General Manager
Atheel Medical Institution - Medical Part

Sana'a - Tel: 297727

- Yemen International Food Industries    

I'd like to thank Yemen Business for their special services .. We wish you a progress

Chairman of the Board - Mr. : Ali Al-Habbari
Yemen International Food Industries - Al-habari

Sana'a - Tel: 232137

- Al-Rewayshan car Institution    

I consider subscribing in Yemen Business is the first step to do any business

Mr. Abdo Al-Wahab Ahmed Al-Khyyat - Commercial Manager
Al-Rewayshan car Institution - Engines and Car Agents

Sana'a - Tel: 448920

- Al-Qulaisi Trading Co.    

Yemen Business presented an honorable model of credibility in work and services

Mr. Senhan Abielah - Commercial Manager
Royal Group - oil services

Sana'a - Tel: 410595

- Adnan Trading Co.    

Yemen Business is characterized by innovative abilities and professional performance

Mr. Adnan Saif Thabit - General Manager
Adnan Trading Co. - Visual and Audio Equipments

Sana'a - Tel: 209082

- Sam for Industrial Equipments    

Our participation in Yemen Business .. Open new broad areas of business
and commercial agencies.

Mr. Basam Abdo Al-Rahman Al-Thabhani - Head Manager

Sam for Industrial Equipments - Importers of Industrial Equipments
Sana'a - Yemen - Tel: +967 1 511 390
- Al-Qulaisi Trading Co.    

Yemen Business .. You accomplished what you promised .. Your job is integral
and your services is superior.

Mr. Abdul Allah Aeith Al-Qulaisi - Head Manager

Al-Qulaisi Trading Company - Importers of House ware & Makeup
Sana'a - Yemen - Tel: +967 1 513 616
- Al-Qulaisi Trading Co.    

After our collaboration with Yemen Business .. We got lots of business opportunities

Mr. Sadeeq Al-Gazali - Business manager
Arga'a Trading Co. - Foodstuffs - Stationery - Medicine

Sana'a - Tel: 633677

Al-Gawf Co.    

Yemen Business proved their ability and prominent enable in doing their job and
the excellent services in website designing and hosting..
We wish those in charge of further success and progress

Mohammed Taufiq Al-Zaetari - Al-Gawf Co.

Al-Salam Agro    

Yemen Business gave us more than what we expected of services..
Thank you so much Yemen Business

Ahmed Ahmed Al-Dafini - General Manager

Mobile city Co.    

It's an honor for us to deal with the specialized company with a qualified
team and always looks for giving better services.. We hope to continue
the collaboration between us which in turn give us the benefits.

Ryan Najeeb Hamid Khan - General Manager

- Sky Travels & Tourism    

Yemen Business is the business gate for Yemen as well for the Local and Global Yemeni Traders

Mr. Abdo Al-Hakeem Al-Qulaidi - General Manager
Sky Travels & Tourism - Agents of Syber Co. for Travel Insurance

Sana'a - Tel: 500690

Starnet Technology    

Our impression about Yemen Business will not be change
and we consider Yemen Business on of the leader companies in website designing
and hosting, and that's the reason for collaboration with Yemen Business

Nashwan Qaed Hassan - General Manager

Budget Trading and Service Co.    

We really appreciate Yemen Business's efforts in launch of the website and giving
every body the chance to know our services through their excellent service in website designing and hosting.

Moahmmed Ameen Derhim

Arjaa for Trading Co.    


Yemen Business is characerized by providing it's best services for it's customers
specially the ongoing technical support and after sale-services

Akram Ismael Abdu al-Moghni - General Trading



Yemen Business has provided a range of services that demonstrate professionalism
and mastery and depth of experience.

Ismael Al-Khashib - Lawyer

- Bin Al-Motahar Oli Services Co.    


Technical support is an essential factor needed by customers
and this is what we got it permanently from Yemen Business.

Mohammed Morad - General Manager

- Technogate Co.    

Yemen Business proved through years of dealing it's professional way in making website design and hosting

Eng. Mohammed Rasam


- Jayemin Industrial    

Yemen Business proveds through years of dealing it's professional way in making website design and hosting

Eng. Najeeb Al-Mophnij


- Millennium Pro Services    

Our company got a special and excellent services from Yemen Business .. Thank you

Mr. Faris Saleh Al-Ghaduby - General Manager
Millennium Pro Services - Accountants training - Consulting services

Sana'a - Tel: 468522

- Al-Qulaisy Co.    

We thank Yemen Business for the services provided and technical support around the clock.
It's so good to find such company which provides the essential supports as fast as possible
and at any time you want.

Eng. Moath Al-Hamati - Website Developer

- Al-Abid for Medical Supplies    

Yemen Business presented a model of successful services which denotes a deep experience

Mr. Abdo Al-Hameed Al-Azazi - General Manager
Al-Abid for Medical supplies - Medical & Cosmetics

Sana'a - Tel: 472875

- Dejlah Agricultural    

Collaboration with Yemen Business achieves the goals the dealer needs

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Saif - General Manager
Dejlah Agricultural - seeds and fertilizers, agricultural importers

Sana'a - Tel: 337028

- MISYemen    

It's our pleasure to deal with Yemen Business for the second year of hosting
our website and we still get a quick respond to our requests, beside their intent
for further success and development.. We wish them further success in the future

Dr. Adel Imad - Medical Insurance Specialist - Yemen

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